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23 JUNE 2018

What is World Fishing Day?

World Fishing Day 2018 is the first ever attempt to bring anglers all over the world together to celebrate the joys of angling, bring new people into the sport, and highlight the incredible power of angling to make positive changes in the world and in people’s lives.

The idea was born out of a desire to see more people fall in love with fishing.

The day consists of two pillars:

  • A network of free fishing events around the world
  • A 24-hour live broadcast from amazing fishing locations around the world.


Increase participation
There are an estimated 750 million anglers worldwide, but since it is often a solitary activity, anglers are not well connected with each other and it can be tricky to bring young people into the sport. Through a programme of free fishing events we hope to be able to introduce people of all ages to the joys and benefits of recreational angling. The fast-paced live broadcast will dispel the myth that fishing isn’t exciting, as our live anglers pit their skills against some of the hardest fighting fish in the most incredible locations on the planet. WFD will help to promote fishing as a healthy leisure activity for people of all ages, races, genders and backgrounds.

The Environment Anglers are often ardent environmentalists, campaigning to protect, improve or restore fish habitats, with all the knock-on benefits for other wildlife that this brings. They are often more careful of the provenance of the fish they buy to eat, too, ensuring that it comes from sustainable sources. By introducing new people to fishing and drawing the world’s attention to the work of angling environmental groups, we hope to promote fishing as a way of getting closer to nature and preserve vital ecosystems.

Health benefits
Not only does fishing promote an understanding and appreciation of the natural world, but it offers tangible benefits in terms of physical and mental health. By getting people outside and active, we can promote fishing as a healthy lifestyle choice and get people moving. Many people also find that getting out in nature and going fishing offers a calming respite amid a busy 21st century lifestyle; not for nothing has fishing been likened to meditation and mindfulness practices. These elements, among others, are why there are so many successful fishing programmes for those in recovery (from cancer, or injury, mental health problems or a host of other issues).

Harness the power of the angling community
There are many causes and campaigns that would benefit from being brought to the attention of anglers worldwide, and equally many organisations and charities that deserve to have their stories brought to the attention of the global fishing community. Imagine what we can do working together!

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