Meet the Ambassadors

Fiona Armstrong

TV presenter, journalist and fly fisher

Rob Hughes

CarpTeam England Manager / TV Presenter

Keith Arthur

TV presenter and angling journalist

Matthew Wright

British TV presenter, journalist and broadcaster

Sir Ian Botham, OBE

Ex-England Cricketer, Broadcaster and fundraiser

Steve 'Starlo' Starling

Fishing journalist and TV presenter

Rhuan Human

TV presenter and fly fishing guide

Dallas Baldwin

Fly fishing guide and freelance journalist

James Armstrong

Specimen carp angler and Instagrammer

Craig Thomassen

Fishing writer and TV presenter

Gareth George

Angling TV producer and presenter

Kate Fensterstock

Outdoor lifestyle journalist and fly fisher

Matt Hayes

All-round angler and TV presenter

Lee 'Mozza' Morris

Expert carp angler and Carp Wars finalist

Dave Levy

Fanatical carp angler and author

Harry Pratt

Amateur carp angler and Carp Wars S1 Champion

Hassan Khan

Carp angler and Fishing TV presenter

Al Brown

Celebrity chef and passionate angler

Katka Svagrova

Journalist, international fly fisher and guide

Iain Macmillan

Expert carp angler and carp fishing tutor

Ashley Rae

Multispecies angler, freelance writer and blogger

Jennifer Schall

IGFA world record holding angler

Jason Schall

IGFA world record holding angler

Chasten Whitfield

Inspirational young angler

Robert Field

YouTube kayak fishing star

Chris Fowler

Texas multispecies elite Angler

Luana Pigatto

Pro angler and TV host

Bubba Bedre

Alligator gar guide

Cindy Nguyen

Fishing Athlete

Damon Valentine

Fly fishing guide and journalist

Paul Gaskell

Tenkara Expert

Geir Sivertzen

Saltwater expert

April Vokey

Fly fishing journalist and presenter

James Murray

Actor and fly fishing enthusiast

Marina Gibson

Professional fishing guide and journalist

Julian Lewis Jones

Actor, TV presenter and saltwater angler

James Stokoe

Winner of BBC's 'Earth's Wildest Waters'

Babs Kijewski

Fishing journalist and TV presenter

Andy Ford

Fishing journalist and TV presenter

Ant Glascoe Jr

Professional predator angler and TV presenter

Ian Chillcott

Professional carp angler and journalist

Thom Hunt

TV Presenter and professional angler

Charles Jardine

Fly fishing journalist and author

Rae Borras

FishingTV founder and TV presenter

Matthew Wright: British TV presenter, journalist and broadcaster

Matthew Wright is a British TV presenter, journalist and broadcaster who has been hosting the daily debate show The Wright Stuff on Channel 5 for 18 years. He’s also appeared on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and he presented The Big Benefits Row for Channel 5. He’s a life-long angler, with a particular passion for fly fishing. He is also a Vice President of the Wild Trout Trust and a keen conservationist.

Hatt Hayes: Angler and TV presenter

Matt may just be the most well-knonw angler in the UK, having hosted and starred in more fishing TV series than it is easy to count. An all-round angler, Matt’s passion for all forms of angling is second to none, though these days he tends to focus more on fly fishing for salmon.

Sir Ian Botham, OBE

Sir Ian is one of England’s all-time greatest cricketers and now commentates on the sport for Sky Sports. Since retiring from cricket Sir Ian has raised huge amounts of money for charitable causes by undertaking long-distance walks and he was invested as a Knight Batchelor by the Queen in 2007, for services to charity and cricket. He’s a passionate fly fisherman and appeared in a TV series on the sport called “Botham on the Fly.”

James Garrison and Ryan Bubba Betancourt: Professional Fishermen

Some of the best known faces and names on the Tampa Bay fishing scene – whenever these guys make an appearance its a roadblock! Also 2/4 of the Flats Mafia crew.

Steve Starling

A keen angler since the age of seven, Steve Starling began writing for fishing magazines in 1975, during his final year at high school. By 1981, he was editor of Australia’s top-selling fishing publication: “Fishing World”.

Through the 1990s, Steve gained a much wider audience as a co-presenter on the iconic “Rex Hunt’s Fishing Adventures” television series on Channel 7.  Today, Starlo presents weekly fishing segments on “The Offroad Adventure Show” for Network TEN and ONE HD, fronts the made-for-television “AFC Outdoors” tournament series, and has just launched his own show entitled “A Fisherman’s Life With Starlo” 

Kate Fensterstock

Born and bred in the United States, Kate Fensterstock has been committed to the outdoors ever since growing up on the beach in South Florida and spending summers teaching wake boarding in Maine. Pursuing a career in fieldsports journalism and media in the UK, she tried fly fishing for the first time 4 years ago and she hasn’t put a rod down since then. She can be found chasing species all over the world, with a special passion for saltwater. Kate lives in London, but tries to spend as much time in the countryside as possible. She is also committed to fitness, health and wellness and volunteering for wildlife charity initiatives.

Rhuan Human

Young energetic and passionate about fly fishing, Rhuan is one of the presenters on the WildFly fishing series, showcasing some of the best fly fishing destinations in Africa and the Indian Ocean. He is happy to throw a fly at anything that swims but his primary targets are the freshwater predators of Africa.

Keith Arthur

Keith is a lifelong angler who has forged a career first as a fishing journalist and later as a TV presenter and radio show host on Sky Sports’ Tight Lines and TalkSPORT’s Fisherman’s Blues respectively.

Dallas Baldwin

Dallas grew up with a spinning rod in her hand but in 2014 she was converted to fly fishing by her fiance and never looked back. She now runs a guiding service in the Kenai peninsular, helping guests to hook that magical 30″ rainbow, king salmon or sockeye.

James Armstrong

James has been fishing since the tender age of 5 years old, getting more seriously into it during his teens. He has fished for everything; whether that is trotting a float along the river, legering for tench, or beachcasting on the beaches of Norfolk, he’s had a go at it all. However, his real passion is specimen carp fishing. He’s a successful instagrammer, with 20K+ followers. He works for CC Moore Baits as media manager and so his whole life revolves around angling.

Gareth George

His infatuation with wilderness areas, their waterways and how to fool a fish with just a few feathers is what started WildFly in Africa. A fair weather fisherman by his own admission, he plans every expedition around the forces of nature that dictate the movement of his adversary. More comfortable stalking wild fish in rivers and wading marine atolls than foraging in the open ocean, his ability to defy orthodox fly fishing and bring home the proverbial bacon never ceases to surprise the team. He’s never slow to offer some unconventional wisdom on the fishing front, which makes every outing an interesting one.

Craig Thomassen

Tommo is the presenter for the Inside Angling television series and one of the pioneers of catch and release recreational angling in Africa, his passion for the sport of artificial lure is unrivalled. Over the last three decades Craig has chased down nearly every major gamefish in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans around Africa, with some record breaking results. His first book ‘Fishing Yourself Single’ typifies how important time on the water is to his life and his commitment to sport fishing. Always willing to share, he takes every opportunity to showcase the behemoths that lurk below and impart much of his knowledge and experience on how to land trophy fish.

Harry Pratt

Harry is a young British angler who stunned the carp fishing world by beating five of the best carpers in the UK to the Carp Wars Series One title.

Geir Sivertzen

Geir Sivertzen aka Dr.Hook is a Norwegian all round angler, although he is best known for Arctic Deep Sea Fishing. He worked for 16 years in the marketing department of the fish hook manufacturer Mustad, and 10 years as product development manager where he earned his nickname. He was Captain for TeamMustadNorway, fishing in more than 40 countries, working closely with fishing magazines from all over the world and participating in close to 20 film/TV productions.

Paul Gaskell

Dr Paul Gaskell fished obsessively since age 6 and worked as a professional freshwater biologist in both academic and applied research – as well as practical trout stream habitat protection and improvement. He’s developed a passion for fly fishing and especially the Japanese art of Tenkara. All his career choices are just sly ways to better understand and enjoy fishing.

Damon Valentine

An enthusiastic young angler and fly fishing guide who has gained fame through documenting his exploits on London’s waterways though his instagram account @Londonflyfisher.

Cindy Nguyen

Cindy (“Sid”) Nguyen comes from a long lineage of fishing, tracing her family history to fishing villages in Vietnam. Born and raised in Houston, Cindy grew up with a rod in her hand fishing off the beaches, piers and jetties in Galveston with her family. Cindy has caught over 60 species of fish, and has combed the waters from the Gulf Coast to Mexico, down to the Bahamas in pursuit of the catch.

“My goal for fishing is not to be the best angler, but rather to share my passion for the lifestyle the best way I can and encourage others to get outside,” she says.

Iain Macmillan

Iain is one of the UK’s most popular carp anglers. He is probably best known for his carp fishing tuitions, and for his succesful DVD The Tuition in which he shares his extensive carping knowledge. He also appeared in series 2 of Carp Wars.

Rob Hughes: CarpTeam England Manager / TV Presenter

TV presenter and carp fishing expert Rob Hughes is one of the best known faces on the UK and international carp fishing scene. He’s host of the BT Sport show “On the Bank” and was the inaugural winner of the World Carp Carp in 1996. He also founded the British Carp Angling Championships in 1999 and is now the manager of the England carp fishing team. He has recently landed six carp over 50lb in 48 hours.

Fiona Armstrong: TV presenter and journalist

Fiona Armstrong is a television journalist who worked as a reporter on ITN News at 10 and presented the breakfast news programme on BBC World and is currently reporting and presenting for ITV’s ‘Border Life’ programme. She’s also fronted various lifestyle programmes, including Fiona on Fishing for ITV Border, including ‘Fiona on Fishing’. She’s one of the UK’s best known female anglers and has written two books on the subject and appeared on Sky TV’s ‘Tight Lines

Lee 'Mozza' Morris

Lee is a popular carp angler from the UK, having appeared in numerous videos and films on the subject. He appeared in Carp Wars 2 as a last minute replacement for Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott and surprised everyone by reaching the final. His effervescent character and nervous energy made him a hit with viewers.

Katka Svagrova

Katka is a passionate fly fisher who has travelled the world with her fly rod. She travels with her flyrod as much as possible, having visited Norway, Iceland, New Zealand, Australi, South Africa, Guatemala, Belize, the Maldives and Mexico in recent years. She is also a freelance fishing journalist, and competes for time to time, havimg neem Czech womens flyfishing champion five times! She will soon be representing Czech Republic in the European fly fishing championship.

Al Brown: Chef, restauranteur and TV presenter

Al is one of New Zealand’s best known chefs and restauranteurs. In addition to his acclaimed restaurant Depot he’s written several books, including ‘Go Fish: Recipes and stories from the New Zealand Coast’; he’s also hosted several TV series and was the head judge on Masterchef New Zealand.


Ashley Rae: Angler and freelance writer and blogger

Ashley Rae is a year-round multispecies angler residing in Ontario, Canada. She is a newspaper/magazine columnist, freelance writer, blogger, and occasionally presents seminars at sports shows and events. She has hosted and has appeared on fishing television shows on the World Fishing Network and beyond. In 2016, Ashley was named as a “Game Changer” and “one of 11 outdoorswomen transforming the face of hunting and fishing” by Field & Stream. You can follow her adventures through her blog,

Hassan Khan: TV presenter and carp angler

Hassan is a carp fisherman and journalist who presented Carp Wars: Harry’s Story.

Jason Schall: IGFA world record holding angler

Jason is holder of more IGFA world records than you can shake a fishing rod at, and is a two time winner of of the IGFA Chester H. Wolfe Outstanding Sportsmanship Award. Having grown up within a stone’s throw of the Ashley River in S. Carolina fishing has always played an important role in his life. In addition to the work he does with his wife in schools he has held fishing events for veterans, the disabled and families, and participates in the Department of Natural Resources Game Fish tagging programme, collecting valuable data for use in fishery management schemes.

Jennifer Schall: IGFA world record holding angler

Not to be outdone, Jennifer has a hatful of her own IGFA records.. She and her husband Jason travel the world with their kayaks seeking out fishing experiences, and regularly volunteer their time to share their passion for fishing and conservation with kids in schools and classrooms.

Chasten Whitfield : Inspirational young angler

An inspirational young angler from Florida who’s on a mission to change disadvantaged kids’ lives through fishing. She’s also appeared on Saltwater Experience and works closely with Florida Sportsman magazine.

Dave Levy

A former paratrooper, Dave leaves nothing to chance when it comes to his carp fishing. He has recently appeared in the second series of Carp Wars, as well as published his first book on Carp Fishing, to much acclaim.

Robert Field: YouTube kayak fishing star

YouTube kayak fishing star with over 81 thousand subscribers and more than 13 million views.

Chris Fowler: Fishbrain Ambassador and Texas multispecies elite angler

Multi-species and multi-style angler who specialises in big carp on the fly. If it swims, he will catch it! Recently featured in a Facebook video that garnered over 14 million views!

Luana Pigatto: Pro angler and TV host

Pro angler and host of Brazil’s most popular fishing show, the Show de Pesca.

Bubba Bedre: Alligator gar guide

One of the finest alligator gar guides in the world, an IGFA world record holder and the man who made alligator gar fishing famous in America with his appearance on the popular show River Monsters.

April Vokey: Fly Fishing Expert

Some people are born anglers. April isn’t from a fishing family, but nevertheless she was a keen fisherwoman by the time she was a toddler and by her teenage years was devoting all her spare time to catching fish.

She is now one of the most recognisable names and faces in the world of fly fishing, having appeared in numerous fishing TV shows and short films, as well as hosting her own series ShoreLines with April Vokey,looking at the rich history of fly fishing and the people who love it. She also has her own podcast: Anchored with April Vokey. In addition to all of this her writing has appeared in some of the industry’s leading magazines.

She’s a qualified casting instructor, enthusiastic conservationist and is keen to promote fishing to a diverse audience. Given her own beginnings in the sport she’s proof that fishing can grab anyone, even if they’ve no previous experience.

James Murray: Actor

James Murray is an English actor who has appeared in numerous TV dramas, including sci-fi drama Primeval, award winning drama Cucumber, Netflix’s Medici Masters of Florence, Him and upcoming BBC drama Age Before Beauty. He is married to fellow actor Sarah Parish, who stars in the ITV crime drama Broadchurch.

James is a passionate fly fisherman and now lives in Hampshire where he can indulge his hobby on the famous chalkstreams of the South of England. He also enjoys salmon fishing wherever he can get it! He recently narrated the documentary made by FishingTV about these rivers: CHALK. He’s on the record as saying that his perfect evening involves “standing in the middle of a river as the sun goes down casting at a fish that probably isn’t there”, and that the best day of his life was the day he landed his first Atlantic salmon despite the fact that “people think fishing is an old man’s pastime, a retirement ground for surgeons and aristocrats. It’s not. It’s a dynamic sport that should be enjoyed by men and women of all rank and age.”

In 2008 James and Sarah’s daughter Ella-Jayne was born with a congenital heart problem before sadly passing away 8 months later. In her honour they started the Murray Parish Trust to raise funds for Paediatric facilities at Southampton university hospital , to date raising £3mil.

Babs Kijewski - Professional all-round angler

Perhaps Germany’s most famous angler; an all-rounder with a passion for predator fishing, she’s appeared in numerous fishing shows over the years and will be a familiar face to many.

James Stokoe

James is a professional fishing guide and winner of the BBC show ‘Earth’s Wildest Waters – The Big Fish’.

Since winning the show he has been developing his media profile and is currently shooting a new series called ‘Untamed Anglers’ with fellow contestant Ripon Kahlique

Andy Ford

Andy is best known as one half of the presenting team for the BT Sport TV show On the Bank, which he hosts with fellow WFD Ambassador Rob Hughes. Andy is an enthusiastic fly fisherman, but enjoys all forms of fishing, saying “fishing is fishing […] no matter what discipline you’re involved with.”

Marina Gibson: Professional Angler

Having learned to fish at her mother’s knee, Marina picked up a rod again in her mid-twenties when the London life began to take its toll. Looking for a break from the mad rush of city life she discovered that for her, fishing offered a tranquil escape, a moment of mindfulness in a hectic world.

She began documenting her fishing adventures via social media which led to a role as a Brand Ambassador for fly-fishing brand Orvis. In recent months she has been able to quit her desk job to pursue a career in fishing.

She now works as a fishing guide and host, which takes her all over the world to fish. She’s hosted trips to Belize and Norway, as well as guiding clients on the famous chalkstreams.

Although she grew up catching trout, salmon and sea trout she’s now expanded her repertoire to include several saltwater species and she even targets carp on the fly.

Marina is particularly keen on helping children and women get into the sport, and to dispel the myth that fishing is an old man’s game.

Julian Lewis Jones

Julian is a Welsh actor who has appeared in movies such as Invictus, Justice League and Zero Dark Thirty, and in TV series such as Sky 1’s Stella and The Tudors

Julian grew up fishing the waters off the coast of his native Angelsey, and has also presented a popular fishing TV series on the Welsh-language channel S4C. 

Rae Borras: Founder of FishingTV

Brought up in the East End of London by parents who worked on the busses, Rae had a successful amateur boxing career before the chance to sing with a soul band took him on tour around the UK and to the US.

Upon his return to the UK he decided that he needed a ‘proper job’ and qualified as a quantity surveyor, before founding Borras Construction in 1980, now one of the most successful privately owned construction firms in the UK.

Throughout this time Rae indulged his passion for fishing, which was born through a childhood spent fishing whenever and wherever he could, especially the canals of his native London. When he caught a 27lb salmon from the Hampshire Avon he discovered a passion for the sport of salmon fishing that has now seen him bring more than 1000 silver tourists to his net. He has fished all over the world and while fly fishing is his preferred technique he is just at home float fishing or on the salt.

FishingTV was born out of a desire to see more – and better – fishing content on television, which first resulted in his appearing in The Compleat Angler with Geoffrey Palmer, and then the creation of FishingTV as a video on demand platform. Rae has gone on to present several further series for FishingTV, including The Game Fishers’ Diary, The Great Rivers of Britain, and the FishingTV Show.

Ian Chillcott: Professional Carp Fisherman

Chilly is a familiar face to all in the carp fishing world, having been writing for the UK carp press, making TV shows, DVDs and writing books about the subject for years.

He’s always keen to share his thoughts and experience with newcomers to the sport, and has been teaching novices and improvers for many years. There’s no doubting Chilly’s carpy credentials – he’s hooked some of the UK’s most famous and sought after fish, as well as bagging a fair few big ones from overseas as well.

Ant Glascoe Jr: Professional angler and TV presenter

Ant learned his fishing with his father as a wee lad and has been a keen angler ever since. His distinctive beard and passion for classic rock, metal and southern rock make him one of the most recognisable and loved faces on the UK fishing scene.

He’s a predator fishing specialist who has appeared in TV shows for Sky and the BBC, and is very active on social media. One of his passions is encouraging youngsters into the sport, and he works with angling charities to help introduce young people and their families to fishing. 


Thom Hunt

Thom Hunt is a TV presenter and professional angler who has worked alongside the TV chef Hugh Fearnley-Wittingstall, amongst others.

He’s an excellent predator angler, specialising in Pike, Perch and Zander.


Charles Jardine

Charles Jardine is one of the most well-known names in the UK fly fishing world, having been a writing about the subject for over 30 years. He’s also a highly respected painter, with his works to be found in private collections the world over. Charles has written four books on fly fishing and has illustrated more than 20 more on wildlife and fishing. 

Charles is also the founder of the Fishing4Schools charity, which uses fishing to help children get back in to education.

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