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A live 24-hour global broadcast will form the second pillar of World Fishing Day 2018. In a never-before-attempted global live fishing marathon, we’ll visit over 24 locations to showcase the incredible diversity of fishing cultures and opportunities that the world has to offer.

Hosted from a studio in London, the action will begin in Australia, New Zealand and Japan, before following the sun around the world, finally ending in Alaska. Each location will stream for six hours over the course of the day, with a few special exceptions – more on that later.

We’ll be focussing on the most iconic and popular sport fish in each location, as well as looking at conservation issues and the work of fishing charities and organisations in using fishing to promote healthy lifestyles, mental wellbeing, and an understanding of nature.

The feeds will feature local fishing experts and celebrities, sharing their passion, knowledge and skill with the world.

In addition to the live feeds from around the world there will be special one-off 24-hour episodes of some favourite fishing shows. The broadcast will check in with them periodically throughout the 24 hours.

Viewers will be able to join the action via the FishingTV platform, available as an app for smartphones, tablets, smartTVs, set-top boxes and online.

Locations and subjects

New Zealand

New Zealand’s trout are legendary in fly fishing circles the world over for their size, fighting strength and reluctance to take a fly, which makes it a must-visit location for the World Fishing Day team.  June is the time of year when Lake Taupo’s resident rainbow trout surge upstream, driven by the urge to procreate.

On the day celebrity chef and wild food advocate Al Brown will be on the banks of the Tongario River to try to intercept them as they make their annual migration, and introducing viewers to the sport of fly fishing for trout in New Zealand.


Well known Australian TV anglers Steve Starling and John Haenke will be chasing Australia’s most popular and iconic sportfish, the barramundi. They’ll be fishing in the Fitzroy River in Rockhampton, Queensland, one of the best places to catch a trophy barramudi with some amazing fish having been caught there in recent years.

As well as offering up tips on the techniques used to catch these big fish – they can grow to nearly 2m and weigh up to 60kg – they’ll also be telling the story of some local conservationists who’ve brought about an end to commercial net fishing in Rockhampton, dramatically improving the fishery. 


Japan is famous in the fishing world as the home of tenkara, a style of fishing that’s akin to fly fishing, in that imitation flies are used to fool the fish. However, it differs from traditional fly fishing in that the rod, traditionally made from bamboo, has no reel.

Its a style that requires finesse and really brings the angler into contact with the fish. British fly fisherman and tenkara obsessive Paul Gaskell will travel to Japan to share the secrets of this ancient art with viewers. He’ll also be meeting the inventor of ‘extreme tenkara’!


World famous angler and fishing TV presenter Matt Hayes will join Geir Sivertzen (aka Dr Hook) at the remote fishing village of Soroya. Although Matt isn’t really a sea angler, he’s hoping that Dr.Hook will be able to show him the ropes, and that he’ll hook into one of the huge cod or halibut that dwell in the chilly waters off Norway.


TV presenter and fishing enthusiast Juhani Henriksson will be on the Tornio (or Torne) river, which for much of its length forms the border between Sweden and Finland. He’ll be trying to catch one of Europe’s rarest salmon species, the Baltic Salmon.

Finnish actor and star of Vikings Jasper Paakkonen, who also happens to be a fanatical angler, will introduce a short film about the plight of the Baltic Salmon and the efforts being made to save it from extinction.


The saltwater lagoon of Orbetello on the Tuscan Coast is a haven for all kinds of wildlife, including flamingos and a host of other birds and mammals. It also has a long tradition of fishing, which still forms an important part of the local economy.

Fly fishing nut Vito Rubino will join an expert local for the day to try to catch some of the lagoon’s bass. He’ll also learn about the traditional techniques employed in the lagoon and cuisine that arises from the trade, and the efforts being made to conserve the unique coastal habitat.


Against the dramatic backdrop of Dubrovnik’s Old Town (a UNESCO World Heritage Site),  TV presenter, wild food expert and competition angler Thom Hunt will be exploring the aquamarine waters of the Adriatic, a rich saltwater fishery that’s popular with inshore and deep sea game fishers. He’ll be joined by Croatian actress Nika Lasic, who comes from a long line of anglers.

Thom and Nika will also introduce viewers to the myriad freshwater fishing opportunities afforded by the country’s many lakes and rivers.


TV presenter Rae Borras, who says he’s caught over 1000 salmon in his fishing career to date, heads to one of Iceland’s ‘Queen of Rivers’, the Grimsa. He’ll be on the most productive pool on the river – Laxfoss – and in the company of pro guide Katka Švagrová, so he’s got a fantastic chance of hooking a powerful Icelandic salmon live on camera. 

This really is one of the most famous salmon beats in Europe; in the past if was frequented by the British aristocracy.  Rae will also be learning about the efforts that Icelanders have made to counteract the damaging effects of the commercial salmon industry.


Matlida Leijon, host of the YouTube series Pike Hero and a fanatical pike angler, will be taking her trout-obsessed friend Louise on a trip to a top secret spot in the south of Sweden. Her aim? To convince Louisa that pike fishing is every bit as good as trout fishing. The pike fishing here is legendary, so if there’s anywhere that Matlida can convert her friend, this is it!


UK predator angler and urban fishing addict Ant Glascoe Jr will swap his native Manchester for the Paris as he joins up with the Naturlish Street Fishing Academy. He’ll meet some of the kids who spend their Saturdays chasing the fishy inhabitants of the 19th Arrondisment, and take part in the session.

Later on in the day Ant will travel to the Festival of the Marne in Lagny, where hundreds of kids will be trying fishing for the first time. Ant will meet one of the people behind the festival, Jean Dey, who is also a committee member of the Federation National de la Peche, to talk about the aims of the event and the wider work of FNPF.


One of Germany’s top anglers, Babs Kijewski, will be presenting live from a lake that is typical of the fishing that many Germans enjoy – predator fishing for zander and perch in disused gravel pits. She’ll be fishing with fisheries scientist Dr Robert Arlinghaus to learn about the efforts that anglers and conservationists are making to improve the habitats that these man-made lakes provide for fish.

South Africa

Africa is full of big, toothy predators – lion, leopard, cheetah… and tigers. Tigerfish that is. These guys are serieous bruisers with a mouthful of serious teeth, and they’re every bit as ferotious as their feline namesakes.

Join Rhuan Human as he fishes the mighty Zambezi River in southern Africa and tries to tempt one of these predators to bite.

United Kingdom - Carp Wars Live

A one-off, 4-way edition of the hit carp fishing show Carp Wars will be taking place at Par fishery in Essex in the full glare of the World Fishing Day live cameras. 

The four anglers locking horns are drawn from the first two series of the show and are: season one champ Harry Pratt, season two finalist Lee ‘Mozza’ Morris, Dave Levy and Iain Macmillan. Hassan Khan will be on hand to adjudicate, and keep the boys on their toes.

USA - Texas

Bubba Bedre is one of the finest (maybe even the finest) aligator gar fishing guides in the world, with clients flying in to Texas from all over the world to fish with him. He’ll be fishing in the Dallas area, and trying to bring some of these prehistoric beasts to the boat.

United Kingdom - River Test

The spiritual home of trout anglers the world over, the chalkstreams of southern England, are oases of genteel tranquility, a paradise for dry fly anglers. Crystal-clear streams, filtered by the chalk bedrock, provide the perfect habitat for aquatic insects, and fish that feed on them – buttery, wily brown trout.

Actor, campaigner and local resident James Murray will be fishing one of the most beautiful and evocative beats on the River Test. He’ll be joined by chalkstream expert and charity fundraiser Charles Jardine, and Sue Shaw of Casting for Recovery to find out how fishing is improving people’s lives in the UK.

USA - Florida Keys

Brazilian fishing TV presenter Luana Pigatto and her husband Marcos will be setting out from Edgewater Lodge in the Florida Keys. They’ll be fishing these productive waters for what might be the most popular sportfish in the world – tarpon. She’ll also meet a Dr. Ross Boucek from the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust to learn about their pioneering work in the Keys and their efforts to conserve these amazing fish.


The Bahamas are among the most important bonefisheries in the world, for WFD we’ll be out on Old Bahama Bay with professional guide Tommy Foley and TV presenter Nuvolari Chootosingh to learn how real experts target these spooky and choosy fish. 

Justin Lewis from Bonefish and Tarpon Trust will be joining them before they head out to discuss the ‘Bahamas Initiative’ – a project to provide urgently needed scientific information on bonefish populations and habits in the the region.

USA - Tampa Bay

Husband and wife team Jason and Jennifer Schall, who hold a hatful of IGFA World Records between them and are currently ranked by IGFA as no.1 and and no.5 in the world respectively. They’re heading to the St. Petersburg area of Tampa Bay to target snook, redfish and tarpon, all big, hard-fighting species and among the most popular with American anglers.

USA - Alaska

Alaska is home to not only one of the premier coldwater fisheries in the USA, but in the world. The relatively unspoiled wilderness, and the presence of all five Pacific salmon species make the state enormously popular with conventional and fly anglers alike. We’ll be there with Dallas Baldwin to fish the Kassilov, and meet representatives from Trout Unlimited to discuss the threat posed to the Bristol Bay fishery by the proposed Pebble Mine project. 

USA - Colorado

Colorado is a fly fisher’s paradise, with clean mountains stream packed with fish. We’ll be on the Platte River to experience some of the best coldwater fly fishing that the USA has to offer. Joining our host Corrine Doctor will be conservation organisation Trout Unlimited to discuss the myriad threats to America’s coldwater fisheries, and Project Healing Waters, who use fishing to help rehabilitate former and active service personnel.


Fishing writer and Ontario native Ashley rae ( will be joined by YouTube Kayak fishing superstar Robert Field (YakFishTV). Ontario is one of the world’s fishing meccas; it is home to around 20% of the planet’s freshwater, and contains more than quarter of a million lakes! Ashley and Robert will be targeting North America’s most popular freshwater species, bass, and also walleye, in the amazing Bay of Quinte.

These aggressive predators may not be the biggest fish in the world, but they just love to smash angler’s lures and are known for explosive strikes! Along the way Ashley will be talking to Robert about his epic ‘Field Trips’ project which has seen him undertake a huge fishing road-trip around the USA and beyond.

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