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Ed Burgass

Executive Producer

George Browne


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Design Director

Rae Borras


Ed Burgass: Commercial Director - FishingTV
Executive Producer - World Fishing Day

Ed is a lifelong trout fisherman, having started fishing at the age of 7. Having worked in the field of digital media for many years he left behind the corporate world to persue his own ventures. Naturally these involved fishing.

His wealth of contacts in the fishing industry around the world and experience of producing world-class fishing content make him ideally placed to spearhead the World Fishing Day project, bringing together technology partners, filming teams and professional anglers to create something unique.

Once the day rolls around Ed will be in the studio helping to decide which live feed to broadcast to the audience.

George Browne: Communications - FishingTV
Co-Producer - World Fishing Day

George came to fishing at the relatively late age of 25 but has been making up for that in the intervening years. He joined FishingTV in 2016 and since then has gained invaluable experience in conducting research for new fishing shows, sourcing great stories and helping to bring that to the screen.

He will using his background in journalism to find the most interesting stories for World Fishing Day’s live broadcast.

Tim Jones: Founder and Producer - FishingTV
Co-Producer - World Fishing Day

Tim has been with FishingTV since its conception, and worked in television before that, working for the likes of BBC Studios, Limehouse Studios.

Having worked on fast-paced television shows such as the Channel 4 show Challenge Anneka, and his experience making fishing programmes for Discovery BT Sport and FishingTV’s VoD platform makes him ideally placed to help deliver the live broadcast element of WFD – Tim knows what makes great viewing.

Paul Cooper: Director of Photography - FishingTV
Co-Producer - World Fishing Day

Paul started out as a camera-man working on live sporting events, including poker, golf and cricket. His lifelong passion for carp fishing led him to follow a career path that took him into that niche and eventually into a job at FishingTV.

It was here that he developed the idea for the popular carp fishing TV show Carp Wars, which he has gone on to direct two series of. All of this experience and passion mean that Paul is another ideal person to drive the live broadcast.

PR company

Launched in 2011, KPPR is a dynamic Entertainment & Lifestyle PR agency that’s built a reputation for getting things done effectively, efficiently and with a good attitude.

Founded upon great contacts and a great reputation, the agency considers themselves to be truthfulcollaborative andnurturing – key values in work & life – and integrate these in to every aspect of what they do.

The agency exists to manage the media profile and reputations of individual artists, creative organisations, entertainment brands and lifestyle brands across the UK through strategic and intelligent tailor-made PR campaigns.

Ken Davidson - Design Director

Ken is an experienced design professional with a track record of producing high quality web and print design work. He will be working with us to ensure that our partners and the public can find the information that they need quickly and easily.

Del Brown - Director

With thousands of hours of live television directing to his name, Del Brown has a career that spans 20 years.  Directing and vision mixing live music, magazine shows, news and sports.  Del has consulted on new channel launches and directed large scale live events for RedBull, Blackberry, Porsche and Facebook.

In 2007 he founded his own short course in Live Directing and Vision Mixing.  Del also finds time to teach the next generation of young talent through his work in four universities, including Ravensbourne

Rae Borras - Host

Rae’s spent his whole life travelling the world experiencing just about every kind of fishing you can think of. His broad knowledge, warm interview style and all round enthusiasm make him an ideal person to be one of the faces of World Fishing Day, both in the studio in London and out on the bank.

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